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Ref : No : E/5 – 264
Date : Oct 30, 2010
To: All Field Workers of Elder Pharmaceuticals
Re : Second Wage Settlement in Elder


All Field Workers of Elder Pharmaceuticals,

Sub: Second Wage Settlement in Elder.

Dear Comrades,

You will be pleased to note that second wage settlement for the Elder field workers has been signed on 6th October, 2010, at their Head Office, Mumbai.

While, on behalf of the management, Mr. J. Saxena, Chairman cum Managing Director and Mr. Vijay Dalvi, DGM-HR and on behalf of the welfare committee of FMRAI Com. Sumahan Chakraborty, Com. K. Ramesh, Com. Dipak Chatterjee, Com, PVSA Prasad and Com. Naveen Gupta have signed the settlement.

This settlement is effective for four years from 1st April, 2010. This time, the settlement has been signed under section 2(p) and 18(i) of I. D. Act. 1350 sales promotion employees designated  as “Sales Officers” / “ Sales Executives” and any other nomenclatures of  Pharma-A, Pharma-B (Gynoe & CP/GP), Hospital division and those field workers who were in Pharma-A, Pharma-B division and later transferred to any other divisions, are covered by this settlement.

The settlement has the following salient features:

1. In place of the existing two grades in basic, three grades have been introduced in this  settlement, with an addition of  Rs.400/- at entry point of the first grade with corresponding rise in the increment of Rs. 50/- as  minimum and Rs.  100/- as the maximum in different slabs. Grade Promotion will be automatic on completion of 10 and 20 years of  service. There after, fitment has been done on point to point basis as per year of service.
2. Existing 6 service slabs have been increased to 9 for Compensatory Allowance (CA) and Service Allowance (SA).
3. Compensatory Allowance (CA) has been improved by Rs. 100/- in each slab.
4. All Service Allowance slabs have been improved by adding Rs. 175/- as minimum and Rs. 275/- as maximum.
5. Anomalies on the date of expiry of the existing settlement (i.e. As on 31st March,2010) in CA / SA head were  corrected and CA and SA were rationalized by adjusting existing PP and Other Allowance head and the  residual amount was added to revised PP effective from 1st April, 2010.
6. House Rent allowance has been improved to minimum 15% of basic, from existing 12%. However, who are  drawing more than 15% of basic will continue to draw the existing amount as HRA.
7. Average benefit on the date of settlement is Rs.1909/- including terminal benefits except the Daily allowances, per  Km fare, Telephone allowance, Vehicle Maintenance allowance and Parking allowance etc. Issues of daily  allowances, per Km fare, Telephone allowance, Vehicle Maintenance allowance, Parking allowance etc. will be  discussed separately with the Welfare Committee and will be effective after agreement. Further the benefits will  accrue in subsequent years.
8. In LTA and Medical, there will be consequential rise due to improvement of basic salary.

Comrades, it is noteworthy to mention that in Elder, all sales promotion employees are designated either as Sales Officer or as Sales Executives. It is your consolidated effort, for which, all the sales promotion employees in other categories have achieved their legal, trade union and bargaining rights advancing your position one step ahead.

Out of total 2400 field workers in 13 divisions, 1350 field workers of Pharma-A and  Pharma -B ( Gynoe & CP/GP) are organized. During the discussion, the Welfare Committee strongly pursued for extension of benefit of the settlement to all field workers of Elder Pharmaceuticals.

Approximately, 1000 field workers of Elder Pharma in various divisions are still unorganized. The immediate task will be to encompass them within the organization and consolidate them at all India level to strengthen the voice of the Welfare Committee in coming days.

Lastly, we congratulate you all for extending your strong support to the organization in the process of this successful settlement of your charter of demands and call upon you to concretize the consolidation in weak areas immediately to maintain the bilateralism in Elder.

The photo copy of the memorandum of settlement is enclosed.

With greetings,
Comradely yours,


(D. P. Dubey)
General Secretary

Copy to: - General Secretaries of all affiliated state units.
      - Working Committee Members