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  • Nationwide protest action
  • On this May Day, 2018
  • In return to atrocity
  • Wage Settlement Signed in Abbott India
  • Medley field workers In the path of struggle
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Nationwide protest action On this May Day, 2018

Reject notification on Fixed Term Employment

Through a draconian notification, Government of India has decided to replace the permanent employment with term based employment and extending the Fixed Term Employment to all establishments thereby enslaving the workers and pushing them out of the orbit of the statutory rights and benefits and throwing them to the mercy of their employers which will eventually bid Good Bye to thepermanency of jobs. Thisnotification is a blatant move by thecentral government and is a partof the neo liberal ongoing
restructuring, catering the need of......

FMRAI takes occasion to greet all its readers and takes occasion to greet all the field workers who are working in different companies, in different categories, engaged inthe sales promotion of differentproducts including medicines, food and other consumables in different industries operating in the country on this May Day 2018. FMRAI greets all the working people who are working either in manufacturing or in services or in the offices, who are either working under one roof or working in differ locations in the field or in the......

In return to atrocity Wage Settlement Signed in Abbott India

In the meeting with ICPA management FMRAI's committee remained firm on the question of recognition of FMRAI in their company, therefore the minutes of the grievance committee meeting could not be signed and burning issues concerning the field workers remained unresolved. The management ofICPA buried their head in the sand (like an ostrich during desert storm) and lost track of reality. They failed to notice, acknowledge and recognize the presence of FMRAI......

3rd service settlement between Abbott India Limited and central co-ordination committee was signed on 25 April; which covers the erstwhile Solvay field workers, now working in GenNext division of the company, for a period of 3 years from 1 January, 2017 to 31
December, 2019. This is the thirteenth settlement in a row from Duphar to Solvay and now in Abbott. The settlement was signed under the provisions of the I D Act, 1947 and shall derive an average benefit of Rs.6100 per field worker per month of which 56% is in wage and 44% in non-wage......

Medley field workers In the path of struggle Editorial

With contemplated arrogance the management of Medley is denying the legal, trade union, collective bargaining rights of the field workers, making change in existing service conditions by introducing electronic system of reporting and thereafter forcefully and illegally and blocking the reporting portal in violation oflaw. Six field workers have been transferred on the alleged crime of involvement in trade unionactivities and then again threemore field workers have been transferred......

Prime minister's remark in London: an antithesis

Prime minister's remark in London: an antithesis Recently in a public conversation in London, Mr. Modi, the PM, alleged that the
Indian doctors are taking unusual favour from the pharmaceutical companies, and in lieu of that, prescribing costly medicines. He mocked at the doctors, put them on the dock and suggested taking bribes. Here, in this occasion, Mr. Modi also claimed that his
government has reduced drug prices by promoting generics. This conversation of his, in Westminster, London, has sparked off fresh discussion on unethical marketing of medicines and drug prices. Since FMRAI is consistently engaged in agitation and......