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Reclaim the workplace- identify the enemy- Editorial People’s money in electoral bond

This month's editorial deals with the important issue of the restrictions and attacks on the medical representatives at hospitals by security staff, police etc and the denial of access to their authorised work places: the Government's apathy to the justified demands of FMRAI for intervention

The politics behind the electoral bonds scheme and how it is against the basic fundamentals of democracy are well explaind

Developments in Sanofi: alarming signals in the industry Significance of May Day in 2024

The article exposes the MNCs aggressive pursuance of their business restructuring process in India and in the course, trample the legal, trade union and collective bargaining rights of the workers. FMRAI's support to HAIRC's actions are also detailed.

May Day is of utmost importance for all sections of the workers including the sales promotion employees to keep intact their rights by defeating the present ruling party and by electing the progressive and democratic forces

27th RMSRU state conference Petition on medicine related demands

Details of the Rajasthan Medical and Sales Representative’s Union (RMSRU)s 27th state Conference held at Bharatpur on 6th and 7th April 2024.

The need to sign the online petition being circulated now by FMRAI on medicine related issues of the people and FMRAI units' physical activities throughout the country have been briefed 




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